Pattaya Thailand 20150 33/133 Soi LK Metro

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Pattaya is the home of golf in Thailand and The Golf Club is the home of golf in Pattaya.

We provide golfers with the atmosphere of your local clubhouse. After a few visits, everyone will know your name. Sign up for play, catch up with friends, have a great meal and a few cold beers at a bar with no hassles or hang-ups. American, Irish, English, Scots, Canadians, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Aussies, South Africans and even a few Thais all gather here under the umbrella of golf camaraderie.

We play golf from The Golf Club 4 days a week and can advise and assist your group for the other three. We book the tee times and arrange transportation so all you have to do is sign up, show up and play. From golf lockers to quality rental equipment, we are the one stop centre for all of your golfing needs.

​See you soon!

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What can you do at The Golf Club Pattaya?

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Biggest Golf Society

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Simply sign up and join us for weekday golf as you please. We can get you signed up to play with us before you even board your flight! We already have the tee times booked so you just sign up, show up and tee off with The Golf Club. ​

Pattaya is easily the most diverse, least expensive and most pleasurable golfing destination on the planet. The Golf Club has 24 courses we play on a regular basis and most are within a comfortable drive of 35 minutes from town and 4 are only 25 minutes away. The Golf Club can organise everything for you, from quality rental equipment, transportation to the course and back and complete golf holidays for individuals, groups or corporate events. ​

Prices here in Pattaya (green fee and caddy fee) range from 700 baht to 2,500 baht, depending on the course and the season. A golf cart can be hired for around 600 baht. We strongly suggest you tip your caddy at least 300 baht. On average, a great day out will cost 1,800 – 2,500 baht for everything. ​

We play an average of 3 – 4 times per week.

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