The Golf Club is "The Home of Golf in Pattaya" - SOI LK METRO

International Western & Thai Cuisine

Our mission statement from the kitchen is to provide the freshest possible dishes from Thai and Western menus. The goal here is to offer the classic American Deli style food with the best of a London gastropub for the pleasure of our Anglo-American-European clientele. From Eggs Benedict to Bangers & Mash, our goal is to have a menu with something to please every palate. With the addition of the Irish craik at the bar and clubhouse classics from around the world, we believe we have all of the ingredients for a great time both before and after the round.

Thai dishes at The Golf Club are extremely popular and Khun Yu and her sister Khun Pui have built up a loyal following here in Pattaya over the last 7 years. Just tell us how spicy you can take it and it will be prepared for you as you like it. Our acclaimed restaurant is open from 07:00 until 22:30 and bar menu and pizza until 01:00.

Hygiene is of the most importance to us. Our meats are sourced from our best contacts who are aware of the needs of the western diet, and who realize how vital proper preparation, cleanliness and storage are. Although more costly, it is far safer than the alternative of the local markets.

Please take a moment to browse through our extensive, but not expensive, menu choices from breakfast through to late night snacks.

Our kitchen is open from 7:00am - 10:30pm

Monthly Medalists

2016 Winners

  • April: Kenny Aihara *****
  • March: Blake Hanna
  • February: Corey Cusatis
  • January: Steve Weller

2015 Winners

  • December: Mark Wood ***
  • November: Peter LeNoury
  • October: Tom Herrington
  • September: John McHugh
  • August: Kevin Hamilton
  • July: Lasse Pettersen
  • June: Kenny Aihara
  • May: Arthur Barbara
  • April: Darren Stanton
  • March: Tom Breslin
  • February: Al Maramoto
  • January: Kenny Aihara

2014 Winners

  • December: Fred Graham
  • November: Andy Makara
  • October: Chaten Patel
  • September: Mark Wood
  • August: Wayne Cottrell
  • July: John Rayer
  • June: Gabriel Enright
  • May: Allan Rothwell
  • April: Kenny Aihara
  • March: Tom Breslin
  • February: Barry Tregurtha
  • January: Henry O'Brien

2013 Winners

  • December: Mike Newbert
  • November: Murray Hart
  • October: Ken Aihara
  • September: Rick Allison
  • August: John Mulrooney
  • July: Mike Newbert
  • June: Michael Hastie
  • May: Steve Little
  • April: Dean Whitaker
  • March: Brett Chan
  • February: John Emmerson
  • January: Michael Hastie

2012 Winners

  • December: Arlen Wardene
  • November: Ian Brimble
  • October: Kyle Roadley
  • September: Suresh Mehta
  • August: Max Scott
  • July: Dan Avon
  • June: Chaten Patel
  • May: Sonny Goldsbury
  • April: Jay Burns
  • March: Simon Philbrook
  • February: Brad Gearie
  • January: Barry Tregurtha

2011 Winners

  • December: Warren Holland
  • November: Mark Reid
  • October: Bob Newell
  • September: Paul Smith
  • August: Alex Tregurtha
  • July: Bob Newell
  • June: Paul Smith
  • May: Ian Rippey
  • April: John Emmerson
  • March: Eddie Bielby
  • February: John Bahng
  • January: Tom Balch

2010 Winners

  • December: Roger Cross
  • November: Mark Wood
  • October: Chaten Patel
  • September: Kalani Makanoele
  • August: Sonny Crawford
  • July: Brian Wilkinson
  • June: Ian Jones
  • May: Bob Newell
  • April: Ian Rippey
  • March: Marc Napier
  • February: Keith Warboys
  • January: Peter Le Noury

2009 Winners

  • December: Brian Wilkinson
  • November: Jeff Cordiero
  • October: Brad Sproxton
  • August: Ian Rippey
  • July: Simon Spalding
  • June: Ernie McInerney
  • May: Marc Napier
  • April: Jeff Cordiero
  • March: Gabriel Enright
  • February: Simon Philbrook
  • January: John Emmerson

Steak Nights - Wed, Sat, Sun

All meals include salad bar and choice of potato and veggie of the day.

THE RIBEYE - 500 Baht
A juicy marinated and rubbed cut from the prime rib section, beautifully marbled and full of rich flavour.

The select of the T-Bone section with the N.Y steak on one side of the T and the larger tenderloin (filet) on the other side. The best of both worlds.

FILET STEAK - 550 Baht
Tender selection that is a boneless tenderloin cut. This King of Cuts is a great steak.

PETIT FILET - 400 Baht
A smaller cut of the tenderloin filet for the lighter, but satisfying meal.

PORK CHOP - 250 Baht
Tender and juicy local chop with a light marinade. An excellent example of fresh Thailand pork.

Beer boiled in Chang for 90 minutes, these tender pork ribs have a beautiful deep barbeque flavour. A double short rack with our BBQ sauce on the side.

SURF & TURF - 550 Baht
A petit filet steak accompanied by 5 large sauteed or grilled prawns with a butter and garlic sauce.

SURF & TURF XL - 750 Baht
Our large filet steak with 7 large sauteed or grilled prawns with a butter and garlic sauce.