The Golf Club is "The Home of Golf in Pattaya" - SOI LK METRO

Golfing in Pattaya with The Golf Club

We can arrange your group trip, large or small, or simply join us for weekday golf as you please. Just mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to start the conversation! See our updates at and we can get you signed up to play with us before you even board your flight! We already have the tee times booked so you just sign up, show up and tee off with The Golf Club.

Pattaya is easily the most diverse, least expensive and most pleasurable golfing destination on the planet. The Golf Club has 24 courses we play on a regular basis and most are within a comfortable drive of 35 minutes from town and 4 are only 25 minutes away. The Golf Club can organize everything for you, from quality rental equipment, transportation to the course and back and complete golf holidays for individuals, groups or corporate events.

Prices here in Pattaya (green fee and caddy fee) range from 700 baht to 2,500 baht, depending on the course and the season. A golf cart can be hired for around 600 baht. We strongly suggest you tip your caddy at least 300 baht. On average, a great day out will cost 1,800 - 2,500 baht for everything. Everything excluding beer of course!

For the single golfer, male or female, The Golf Club is ideal. This is a great place to meet friends and network (if that is what you want). We will hook you up with others of your handicap and we all head out to the course of the day and hack it around the best we can. This will also be the most economical way for the single golfer to visit Pattaya for a golf holiday.

Golfers here at The Golf Club include all nationalities, races and handicaps from scratch to 28, so don't feel like you won't fit in. All golfers are welcome here, and we pride ourselves on our diversity.

We mix up our formats to include Medal (Stroke) Play, Stableford, Match Play, and throw in a few Texas Scrambles and Betterballs for our fun competitions. We like to have serious fun when we play, and strictly play under the Rules of Golf. Verified handicaps from your local club are welcome. Please see Golf Schedule for upcoming events. We play golf with the association of the Pattaya Sports Club and our handicaps are U.S.G.A.

There is no real dress code at the golf courses here in Pattaya, just the obvious of no jeans, tank tops, vests etc. and be sure to wear soft spikes as they are required.

One great thing about playing here is that every 3 holes or so there is a drinks stand with reasonably priced beer, sodas and food. Even in the heat of the summer it makes golf here enjoyable.

The trend in the region is to have golf carts mandatory, but please contact us for details as the policy is changing constantly. Caddies are always required, but that?s a good thing. First of all they are great fun and secondly they can help your game tremendously, and at a fraction of the price back home.

Another thing to remember is to bring a change of clothes for after the round. The Clubhouse facilities here are outstanding and provide individual shower booths and personal grooming amenities for you to clean up after the round. Attendants will clean your shoes and your caddy will clean your clubs and take them back to the vehicle for you, so you are well pampered here. Once you try Pattaya for golf, you will always come back!

Monthly Medalists

2016 Winners

  • April: Kenny Aihara *****
  • March: Blake Hanna
  • February: Corey Cusatis
  • January: Steve Weller

2015 Winners

  • December: Mark Wood ***
  • November: Peter LeNoury
  • October: Tom Herrington
  • September: John McHugh
  • August: Kevin Hamilton
  • July: Lasse Pettersen
  • June: Kenny Aihara
  • May: Arthur Barbara
  • April: Darren Stanton
  • March: Tom Breslin
  • February: Al Maramoto
  • January: Kenny Aihara

2014 Winners

  • December: Fred Graham
  • November: Andy Makara
  • October: Chaten Patel
  • September: Mark Wood
  • August: Wayne Cottrell
  • July: John Rayer
  • June: Gabriel Enright
  • May: Allan Rothwell
  • April: Kenny Aihara
  • March: Tom Breslin
  • February: Barry Tregurtha
  • January: Henry O'Brien

2013 Winners

  • December: Mike Newbert
  • November: Murray Hart
  • October: Ken Aihara
  • September: Rick Allison
  • August: John Mulrooney
  • July: Mike Newbert
  • June: Michael Hastie
  • May: Steve Little
  • April: Dean Whitaker
  • March: Brett Chan
  • February: John Emmerson
  • January: Michael Hastie

2012 Winners

  • December: Arlen Wardene
  • November: Ian Brimble
  • October: Kyle Roadley
  • September: Suresh Mehta
  • August: Max Scott
  • July: Dan Avon
  • June: Chaten Patel
  • May: Sonny Goldsbury
  • April: Jay Burns
  • March: Simon Philbrook
  • February: Brad Gearie
  • January: Barry Tregurtha

2011 Winners

  • December: Warren Holland
  • November: Mark Reid
  • October: Bob Newell
  • September: Paul Smith
  • August: Alex Tregurtha
  • July: Bob Newell
  • June: Paul Smith
  • May: Ian Rippey
  • April: John Emmerson
  • March: Eddie Bielby
  • February: John Bahng
  • January: Tom Balch

2010 Winners

  • December: Roger Cross
  • November: Mark Wood
  • October: Chaten Patel
  • September: Kalani Makanoele
  • August: Sonny Crawford
  • July: Brian Wilkinson
  • June: Ian Jones
  • May: Bob Newell
  • April: Ian Rippey
  • March: Marc Napier
  • February: Keith Warboys
  • January: Peter Le Noury

2009 Winners

  • December: Brian Wilkinson
  • November: Jeff Cordiero
  • October: Brad Sproxton
  • August: Ian Rippey
  • July: Simon Spalding
  • June: Ernie McInerney
  • May: Marc Napier
  • April: Jeff Cordiero
  • March: Gabriel Enright
  • February: Simon Philbrook
  • January: John Emmerson